LTD Brewing & Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

Tuesay, December 11 From 7pm-10pm 

Bigger and Better Than Ever - Video Recording, Race Playbacks, Digital Timing & More!!!

Build Rules:

  • Material:  Race cars shall be constructed for this event from the parts contained in the Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit (referred to below as the kit) as sold by LTD Brewing, Hance Hardware, or the local cub scout troop. Materials from the kit may be supplemented but not replaced.

  • Weight: Race cars may weigh no more than five (5) ounces (total weight) as determined on the official scales during race day inspection.
  • Wheels and Axles: The car shall roll on the wheels from the kit. The wheels shall turn about the axle nails from the kit. The axle nails shall be firmly affixed to the wood of the car body. The axle dimensions may not be changed substantially. The outside surface of the axle head (the non-contact surface) may not be changed substantially, such as, by polishing. It must be obvious to the judges that the wheels and the nails from the kit are being used.
  • Size: Race cars may be no longer than 7 inches, nor wider than 2 3/4 (2.75) inches, nor taller than 3 inches, as determined by the official gages during race day inspection. (Underside clearance of at least 3/8 (0.375) inches and inside wheel to wheel clearance of at least 1 3/4 (1.75) inches is recommended, so that the car will run on the racetrack. Adequate clearance is the responsibility of the race car builder.)
  • Weights and Attachment: Weight may be added to the car and will be considered part of the car for purposes of all measurements. "Weight" is considered to be any material on the car that is not provided in the kit. All weight must be securely fastened to the car, e.g., by permanent glue, nails or screws, but not by "sticky substances", e.g., tape, or tack spray. Weights shall be passive, i.e. non-movable, non-magnetic, non-electric, non-sticky, etc.
  • Wheels: Wheel treatment (hub and tread smoothing and polishing) may not result in substantial removal of mass nor in reducing the tread (track contact) width from the original kit wheels. Wheel tread surface must be cylindrical. The words "Official B.S.A. Made in U.S.A." and other lettering on the wheels shall remain intact and clearly visible to the inspector. Some of the original "tread marks" on the wheel face must be intact, i.e. apparent to the inspector.


Unacceptable Construction: The following may NOT be used in conjunction with the wheels or axles: hubcaps, washers, inserts, sleeves, bearings:

  • Gravity Powered: The race car may not be constructed or treated in such a way that the track's starting mechanism imparts momentum to the car. (For instance, this provision disqualifies cars with sticky substances on the front of the car and protrusions which may catch on the starting pin.)
  • Lubricants: Lubricants must be dry at the time of inspection and racing.
  • Staging: The entire car must stage behind the starting pin.
  • Body: The car body may have no moving parts.


Competition Details

  • This event will be time based - not a head to head competition or tournament style.
  • For the first round, each entry will get one run down each lane (we will do additional runs if time permits, depending on the number of entrants).   
  • Every car will get a run on every lane to ensure fairness.  One run only on each lane, no do-overs (except in case of track or equipment malfunction).
  • The top 12 times will progress to the finals.  Same rules as above for the finals - one run down every lane, the best time takes it home!
  • All entrants must be over 21 years old or over.  Kids can help make the cars, but this race is for the adults to have a little fun!!!!
  • Entry Fee is a suggested donation of $5 per car to the local Cub Scout Pack 254
  • 20% of the night's sales at LTD Brewing go to Cub Scout Pack 254
  • Check in and inspections begin at 6:30PM.  All cars will be inspected to ensure the rules above were followed.  We will allow out of spec cars to run for fun, but they will not be able to win any prizes.


  • First Prize: $50 Gift Card to LTD Brewing
  • Second Prize: $25 Gift Card to LTD Brewing
  • 3rd Place: $10 Gift Card to LTD Brewing
  • 4th Place: Pride in knowing you did awesome!
  • Best In Show:  Free Growler from LTD Brewing
  • Worst in Show: Free Pint from LTD Brewing
  • Slowest Car:  Free 10oz Beer from LTD Brewing