Our list is always rotating, check this page frequently for updates. Our goal is to constantly offer new and innovative brews. It is what the craft beer enthusiast demands and it is what they will get.

*** We try our best to keep this updated, but if you see something you are dying to try you may want to call first to make sure it isn't gone ***

Amber's Dream, American Amber Ale

Divulge your taste buds in a beer that combines malty sweetness with the hint of nutty, roasted, biscuit flavors. A rich, amber color have you dreaming for more. 

ABV - 5.1%

IBUs - 26

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

Spring is Bock, Maibock

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means... May is just around the corner! The Maibock style is popular Pilsner/Lager beer from the mid- to late-1800s, or a stronger version of the German Helles or “light-colored” beer (aka Heller Bock). The Maibock is lighter in color, less malty, and presents a drier finish with its larger hop profile.

ABV - 8.2%

IBUs - 35

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

Golden Hopportunity, Golden Ale

They say opportunity only knocks once, but that's not the case with this golden hopportunity. Back by popular demand, this beer is rich in flavor yet smooth bodied and golden - it will wrap you up in light flavors of malt, hops and a balance of subdued fruitiness.

ABV - 5.6%

IBUs - 20

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type -C02

Emily's Dream #16, Mango Passionfruit Sour Ale

The sixteenth warped offering in the Emily’s Dream series starts off conventional enough. Pale American, Golden Promise and Crystal malt sounds like another Ale. Then we let our "passion" shine through.

We kettle-sour the beer using exclusively lactobacillus delbrueckii (as always) and ferment the wort with a clean finishing yeast strain. Then we add the tropical tastes of passionfruit and mango to make you feel like you're on vacation wherever you are!

ABV - 6.9%

IBUs - n/a

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

ESB, Extra Special Bitter (on Nitro)

English-Style Pale Ale (ESB) stands for “extra special bitter.” While the title includes the word "bitter", this style is much more known for its balance and the interplay between malt and hop bitterness. Served on Nitro to emulate cask served versions you will find in English pubs, this English pale ale displays earthy & herbal English-variety hop character using East Kent Goldings and Target hops while balancing with carmel and pale ale malts. We hope you enjoy a classic take on a classic english pub style brew! 

ABV - 5.7%

IBUs - 31

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Nitro

Island Dreams, Strong Irish Dry Stout  Mixed w/Kona Blend from Cameron's Coffee 

Using our Nightmare C&V Stout base we mix in 40 gallons of Cameron's Coffee Kona Blend Cold Press to create a light and bright roasty brew with notes of chocolate and nuts. Perfect for the winter!  

ABV - 6.3%

IBUs - 30

Growlers - Yes! (Co2 Version, not a nitro version, has more Co2))

Tap Type - C02

Chocolate Porter, Chocolate porter

Wonderful, chocolaty and amazing, this beer uses . Using chocolate wheat to provide a more smooth chocolate finish and avoids the harsh bite you get in some porters.  This beer is the perfect way to say goodbye to a long winter.

ABV - 6.3%

IBUs - 25

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

The Mean Reds, Imperial Red Lager

Ever get a case of the mean reds? It's that feeling of being afraid of trying a new beer style but not knowing what you are afraid of! This brew is nothing like you have ever experienced! Crafting a strong Red lager means time and patience, using a traditional lager yeast, we lay this beer to rest in the fermentor for 5 weeks. Featuring American 2-Row barley, Dark crystal malts from Patagonia, special belgian malts and a hint of special red German malts to give the senses an overwhelming flavorful, yet clean finishing brew. Being a big lager, this one has a hint of booze to warm you up durring the winter months. Enjoy! 

ABV - 8.3%

IBUs - 45

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

Alter Hop #3, American IPA

We are all about the pursuit of Hoppiness, but there’s no reason an IPA needs to be a one trick pony. That’s why we created the AlterHop IPA. Each beer in the series features a similar malt profile—Golden Promise, American 2-Row, and light crystal malts. But then we get creative. Experimenting with different hops and ingredients means we can change flavors and aromas while challenging boundaries. Because there’s a world of hops out there. We just need to explore it. 

Our third batch showcases a mix of Australian Galaxy® and Cascade hops. Oh, and we bumped it down to 6.4% for a little easier drinking. 

ABV - 6.5%

IBUs - 66

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

Double IPAImperial IPA

Don't let the light, golden color of this brew fool you or you are in for a hop suprise. 93 IBU's make this one potent Double IPA. A complex nose will overwhelm the senses using Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops to give a blend of tropical fruit, citrus and pine. Summit hops provide a strong bitter backbone with just a hint of sweetness coming from Golden Promise & American pale malt as our base with minimal use of light crystal malts. Expect a bitter & smooth approach with a citrus, fruity & semi-sweet finish

ABV - 9.3%

IBUs - 93

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

Nightmare C&VStrong Irish Dry Stout

Our house Stout aged on Cacao nibs and vanilla beans. Delivers bountiful flavors of roasted barley and chocolate overtones with a surprisingly smooth and easy to drink light body. Don’t be afraid of your nightmare, embrace it!

ABV - 7.5%

IBUs - 30

Growlers - Yes

Tap Type - Co2

LTD Root Beer, House Made Craft Soda

If we have to be honest - and we always are - this isn't a beer. It's a beverage. But our patrons love it a lot, so we'll allow this 'beer'. Made in house and amazing. 


IBUs - N/A

Growlers - Yes - 32 oz bottles

Tap Type - Co2