For the founders of LTD Brewing, the love of brewing great beer started in 2003 at the University of Minnesota -where Blake and Jem first met.  We needed a relatively inexpensive/legal way to obtain beer, so we thought... why not brew our own?  At first we didn't care how it turned out (as long as it had some alcohol), but after a couple of batches, we started to get creative. ​​​​​​​

Honing the craft

We started asking, how can we make this beer better? Extract kits turned into an all-grain system and we continued to test new ideas. We started pushing the limits with new and innovative ingredients, methods, and inventing our own styles of beer. Some were hits, others were misses - some big misses (avocado, serrano & jalapeno pepper, cinnamon IPA). Soon the passion became an obsession.  We started researching the science behind brewing which allowed us to push the limits even further. We were consistently brewing successes, and more importantly, we were able to replicate our success. We were loving the experience that every new brew gave us, fueling the fire more with every batch. After an inspiring local brewery tour, the obsession changed into something much bigger: what if we could share our experience with others? A dream was born.  

The Brewery Buildout

We embrace all styles of beer. We rotate a variety of ingredients. We expand the very idea of what a beer can be. We strive to always having something light, something malty, something bitter, something dark, and something you've never had before.

Using an 8 barrel brewing system makes us one of the smaller production breweries in Minnesota. The small, flexible system allows us to frequently challenge the taste buds of people who dream of a great beer.

What does LTD stand for? Limited batches. Unlimited possibilities.

The Dream

We believe that beer is an art, a craft, and a passion that can only be inspired by challenging the way it is brewed. We dream to give you an experience, so much more than just a drink. We put our heart and soul into every beer we brew. Not just beer, beer for people who dare to dream differently.

Our Commitment

1. We will always brew with our heart and soul.
2. We will always challenge the status quo of brewing through imagination, innovations, and careful selection of the most wholesome ingredients.
3. We will always brew to defy the standard experience.
4. We will only brew beer that we would want to experience and we will only sell you beer that we would drink with you (and often times will if you stop in the taproom).
5. We will always treat our employees as family, not commodities.
6. We will always remember individuals create good things, but the collective whole will create greatness.
7. We will always give back to the wonderful world that allows us to experience the greatness of beer:
- Giving back to our community
- Develop and use methods that minimize the impact to the environment
8. We will never compromise the “we wills"