Welcome to trivia team championship! 

The team with the most points after eleven weeks will win 4 x S.I.P. Club Memberships!* The second place team will receive 2 free growlers. You must keep the same team name for all eleven weeks.

Current Period: Qrt 2 2020 -- Januaru 8th thru March 18th -- SIGN UP DURING WED NIGHT TRIVIA

Kevin and the Zits--(193.5) 100%
Kobayashi Maru--QTR 1 2020 Champions*--(193) 100%
MFJ--(171) 88%
Umm Actually--(170) 88%
Triple D--(143) 74%
Quiz Knows!--(93) 48%
Take a Trump on My Chest--(62) 32%
Deb's Girls + Joe(2)--(32) 17%


* S.I.P. Club Memberships are good for the calendar year. A team may continue to play in quarterly championships after they have won first place but will receive no quarterly prizes for the remainder of the calendar year--they are still eligible for the weekly prizes. If a team buys S.I.P. Club Memberships and later wins they will be reimbursed $60 per membership in gift cards, up to four memberships. 


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