Welcome to trivia team championship! 

The team with the most points after twelve weeks will win 4 x S.I.P. Club Memberships!* The second place team will receive 2 free growlers. You must keep the same team name for all 12 weeks.

Current Period: April 4th thru June 20th -- SIGN UP DURING WED NIGHT TRIVIA


Charlie's (or whoever's) Drinking (or whatever) Problem (97) 100%
Vandalay Industries (91) 94%
Nipple Play (89) 92%
Kobayashi Maru--Qrt 2 champs (86) 89%
MFJ (56) 58%
Mist Opportunities (54) 58%
Kim and the Argonauts(Team Car Ramrod--Qrt 1 champs) (41) 42%
Hedgie's Surprise (38) 39%
Potato Tomato (38) 39%
I'm Still Late (37) 38%
The Daveau's (28) 29%


*S.I.P. Club Memberships are good for the calendar year. A team may continue to play in quarterly championships after they have won first place but will receive no prizes for the remainder of the calendar year. If a team buys S.I.P. Club Memberships and later wins they will be reimbursed $60 per membership in gift cards, up to four memberships.