Welcome to trivia team championship! 


The team with the most points after twelve weeks will win 4 x S.I.P. Club Memberships!* The second place team will receive 2 free growlers. You must keep the same team name for all twelve weeks.


Current Period: Qrt 2 -- Jan 2nd thru Mar 20th -- SIGN UP DURING WED NIGHT TRIVIA


Kobayashi Maru--Q1 Team Champions (114) - PFP (playing for pride - not eligible for quarterly prizes until Q1 2020) 100%
MFJ (109) 96%
Mist Opportunities (100.5) 89%
Dad, Dadd, and Daddy (95) 83%
Kevin and the Zits (92) 81%
Chuck Norris (41) 36%
Quiz Quiztofferson (36) 32%
The Drummies (36) No score sheet 32%
Joanna's Jaguars (30) 26%


*S.I.P. Club Memberships are good for the calendar year. A team may continue to play in quarterly championships after they have won first place but will receive no quarterly prizes for the remainder of the calendar year, they are still eligible for the weekly prizes. If a team buys S.I.P. Club Memberships and later wins they will be reimbursed $60 per membership in gift cards, up to four memberships. 

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